Overview of business and strategies:

Overview of business:

Pacific Denims Limited (PDL), one of the leading denim fabric manufacturers in Bangladesh. The Company started its commercial operation in March 2003.

The main activities of the Company were concentrated in Manufacturing, Dyeing, and Weaving & Finishing of 100% Export Oriented Denim Fabrics and exporting the same. The company produces a single product ‘denim fabrics’ of various specifications, compositions, color and qualities. Pacific Denims Ltd. sells its products through Back to Back L/Cs to the local garments manufacturers and exporters who consume the denim fabrics as raw materials of their products.

The garment manufacturers export their goods to the overseas markets. Therefore, the final destination of the company’s products appears to be the overseas market. Pacific Denims Limited ultimately produces denim fabrics for such world renowned brand name as George, Polo, Next, Tesco, Mexx, Tommy, Lee Hang Fat, Gemo, Aldi, Kik, Adams, Woolworth, Gulden Pfenning.

Business strategies:

Pacific Denims Limited has modern machineries and technology that ensures quality products. Quality is main concern while formulating our strategy. We try to produce goods with cheap cost so that we can get competitive advantages over our competitors. We also believe in providing customizing products to our customer as per need basis so that we can get maximum market share of our products. So innovation is always there.